Monday, June 4, 2012

Journal Gifts

This year I had a total of 15 (yes, 15) teacher gifts to give.  With all those teachers, you might think I have a whole mess of kids.  You'd be right, if you think two kids = a whole mess of kids.  I just didn't want to leave anyone out.  I also didn't want to spend my usual $25-30 per teacher this year, since I'd like to keep my husband's head from exploding when he gets the bank statement.  So I came up with something I thought was pretty cute instead.

First I printed out guided journal pages I found at Grace is Overrated. They're free to print, and they're all so cute and insightful. Since I had so many to make, I took them to be copied at the local office supply store.

You can print them with or without the borders, and with or without the color.  I chose borders with no color so they'd be pretty and the recipient can color them in if they like.

I included this birthday page.

This was followed by a couple of blank pages of card stock for photographs (or whatever).

(I have since found this Day in the Life page and regret that I didn't include it in my gifts, but if I do this project again, this will go in too.)

Each section began with a blank sheet of card stock.

The first batch I made, I had them spiral bound at said office supply store.
The second batch I did, I used the Zutter Bind-it-All and did it myself.

After they were bound, I printed out the words "Journal," "Birthday," and "Photographs."  I cut them out and adhered them to each dividing sheet of card stock.  Then it was time to decorate the covers.  Since I used solid colors for the covers, I just kind of winged it with the decorations.  I cut out a coordinating paper to fit as a stripe along the side.  I inked the edges of the paper, and adhered it to the cover.  Then I added an embellishment or two, wrapped them up, and gave them out!

These would be great for teacher's gifts, a little extra for yourself, stocking stuffers, or just-because gifts for a friend or family member.  Have fun!

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